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A quick peek into the latest market and consumer trends. 

hopps digitally connects local businesses with consumers.   Consumers today are shifting more towards using technology in their daily lives, and businesses are quickly adapting all over the United States.

hopps provides a one-stop shop for consumers to discover, connect, and transact with local bars, breweries, and nightclubs -- all while empowering businesses to stay digitally connected with their customers, attracting new customers using the platform's marketing tools, and streamlining daily operational tasks such as taking orders and processing payments.  Say hello to seamless experiences, digital menus, and happy customers.

Consumer Survey Results as of August 31, 2021


of consumers dislike waiting at the bar to order and pay for drinks


of consumers visit a bar to socialize with friends and family

Only 1.4% of consumers visit a bar to chat with the bartender(s)


of consumers do not value speaking with the bartender, and perceive it as a transactional necessity


of consumers would abandon placing an order at the bar if the wait time exceeds 5 minutes



of consumers would be very likely to use technology to order and pay for drinks

If a venue offered multiple ways to order and pay for drinks, consumers responded:

Patron Survey Pie Chart-1


of consumers find it very important to have an alternate way to order and pay for drinks, aside from standing at the bar, during peak hours

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