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Increase order volume and decrease busy work

Patrons conveniently browse digital menus, order, and pay from their phones -- while your staff focuses on producing amazing drinks and crafting stellar customer experiences.

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Elevate your business

Increase orders and revenue


Average tip rate with hopps

A simple and quick ordering and payments experience ensures never losing or frustrating customers due to crowded bar chaos or long wait times.

Gain and retain new customers


Increase in business for venue partners

Leverage hopps' advertising platform to showcase your venue to a community of 1,000's of prospective and loyal patrons.


Keep it contactless and quick

2-5 min

Saved each time you don't have to take and punch in an order, process a payment, or collect signed receipts

Capture more orders and revenue in half the time it once took. Stay contactless and avoid the exchange of menus, credit cards, receipts, and pens between different sets of hands.

Join the hopps family and network

We are with you every step of the way. Your personal account manager advocates for your venue, shares relevant market / industry insights, and works with you to brainstorm creative ways to constantly increase revenue and tips.


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Schuyler C.
Bar Manager at With a Twist
“Hopps empowers our customers by providing them with another option to place orders and pay for their tabs. By giving them control of their experience at our bar, we are ensuring our customers have a good time and never find themselves frustrated or waiting to be taken care of.”
Andrew K.
Owner at High + Dry Brewing
“We love how smooth you are making this process for us and our customers. It’s easy peasy and we love what you’ve built and appreciate the effort you put into helping us brainstorm ways to drive traffic.”
Schuyler C.
Bar Manager at With a Twist
“I love that I don't have to handle customer credit cards or take down orders because it means less contact and less work for our team, which is currently short-staffed due to COVID.”

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