About us

Group of employees looking at screen

Our bold, forward-thinking vision is what inspires and drives hopps. We want to revolutionize and uplift the bar, brewery, and nightclub industry. The way we transform this industry is to harness technology and introduce new solutions through innovation so that we can help small, local, family-oriented venues run their business with larger margins and enjoy financial success.

People in this industry are passionate, hard-working, and relentless. Similarly, at hopps, we take nothing for

granted. Applying our family-oriented approach, boundless grit, and entrepreneurial innovation, we help owners and managers capitalize on their venues’ unlocked potential, enabling them to work smarter, prosper, and delight their patrons.

hopps’ product expands revenues, improves venue operations, increases staff tips, and drives customer engagement and loyalty, making orders and payments faster, safer and more convenient.

Our values


Simple solutions


Local matters


Embrace & drive change


Passionate & relentless


Empower small business


Open & honest relationships

Our team


Guillermo Trujillo

CEO & Co-founder

Doreen Li

COO & Co-founder

Janelle Hamilton

Account Executive
Ruben Martinez

Co-founder, GlampingHub

Keo Sar

CRO, Shyft

Ryan Meinzer

Founder, PlaySay

Greg Kitchen

Founder, Triple Voodoo Brewery

Mike Vanecek

CFO/CIO, TMC Financing